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Liam Neeson

Emily: this theme will be very easy to dominate
Emily: I should restrain myself
Cyn: you will pwn
Cyn: fuck that
Cyn: restraint is for the weak!
Emily: or at least give other people a chance to post before I bring out the Liam!
Cyn: pie
Cyn: /had to be said
Emily: yes, on second thought you're right. LIAMHANDSPIE.
Cyn: YAY

Whew. And to think that I have more still to upload. Dear me.
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So does that make the theme, hands, liam or pie then? ;)
Ah, see. This is what happens when you and Cyn go confusing me by switching who does what. Was used to you making the announcements. :">

Don't worry. I'll just...go over there. Yeah.

What, it can't be all three? ;)

*heeee* Staaaaay and play! Dun go. I'll give you chocolate! *bounce*

*confuses Karen s'more* Well, not really, but I am good at being confusing, yes. *gigglefit*


splodeyholyhell. GAH. I love that man's hands with a fiery passion. I... just... yeah. No words.

I never before wanted to be an apple, though.

GUUUUUH. I would gladly sell all my reproductive organs to touch that man's hands. Gladly.
Um wow. Y'know, you guys keep talking about them and all the sudden I like ... notice. guuuuuuuuuuuuh, indeed!

How sad. I have like NO hand icons. Oh wait. Sorta?
Crap, wrong one. *grin* Try this.
Ah yes, I remember the day when I first noticed the hands of Liam Neeson. Dear god. I don't know how I lived without them. ^^^^;

I need to just make 8 million hands icons. 8 MILLION.
That would make me and 7,999,999 other people really happy. :D
That teabag pic? So sexy. SO.